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Volunteer Mentors

BAM’s mentor program provides tutoring, character building, sports and arts. We encourage parental involvement. We offer constant personal attention for students ages 11-18. For our young ladies we offer college preparation, scholarship opportunities, and career guidance from dynamic professionals across DFW.


Attend the BAM Leadership Institute to get involved! The BAM Leadership Institute is a 10-hours training course that will introduce potential mentors to the BAM curriculum, program and methods. Interested volunteers will gain valuable communication, leadership, self awareness and program management skills that will enable and prepare them throughout in becoming effective mentors. *All volunteers must successfully complete this training before being certified to work with a group. (coming soon)

After School Program

During the school year, volunteer leaders will facilitate an after-school program for our girls at our partnering Schools. These weekly meetings will include a range of curriculum topics, such as friendship, individuality, peer pressure, family relationships and etiquette etc. During this time, we learn about each their personalities, family life, academic capabilities, and establish a relationship of trust. This personalized relationship is vital in mentor matching and school placement. Volunteers co-lead initiatives to create programs and opportunities to get to know the girls. No experience is necessary, just the desire to listen, to talk and to enrich each girl’s life. We currently are accepting applications for volunteer mentors for after school programs. (coming soon)

Commitment Challenges

BAM also welcome volunteers as career speakers, field trip chaperons, or hosts at their office location for a career exploration excursion. Corporate groups or community organizations may also donate their time through service projects that enhance the BAM. Contact a BAM representative if you are interested in these other volunteer opportunities.