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B.A.M. History

BAM (Beautiful Ambitious Me) began in January 2012 and was founded by Krystal Smith of Fort Worth, Texas. The vision for the program was inspired by her passion and determination to help young inner city girls. BAM’s mentorship program is designed to create a positive environment of love, support, and guidance. In addition, to facilitating our curriculum based workshops on Health, Etiquette, Character Development and Community Service, our workshops were created to counter self-destructive behavior caused by the lack of positive role models. BAM’s objective is to introduce them to another way of life and equips them with the knowledge to make better choices, resulting in enriching their future.

Our Mission

The mission of the BAM mentoring program is to teach young girls between the ages 11-18 life skills. As well as providing them with resourceful information necessary for preparing them to become responsible and productive women.  As a result our BAM mentees will be equipped to face the challenges of today’s society with confidence, assurance and sense of self worth

Positive Transformations

B.A.M. will strive to help positively transform the lives of our girls during these critical years by:

  • Matching each girl with a highly qualified volunteer mentor
  • Organizing cultural, educational and recreational events and trips
  • Soliciting summer camp scholarships
  • Connecting students to leadership programs, fellowships and internships
  • Teach ethics, respect, and civility
  • Introduce appropriate social and dining etiquette
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Establish the practice of proper posture, eye contact, and poise
  • Develop independence and self-sufficiency
  • Instill personal character
  • Present the art of conversation, practice proper speech and voice projection
  • Develop the practice of proper hygiene, in addition to hair, nail, and skin care
  • Present wardrobe selection and the importance of first impressions
  • Discuss and provide direction on life choices, goal setting, and future careers





Fort Worth, Texas


M-Th 5p–11p
F-Sa 12p–11p
Su 10a–11p

Our Founder

In a League of Her Own

Krystal's high-impact keynotes and workshops are empowering, effective, electric, engaging, informative and memorable. Krystal , aka "Miss BAM" is a trailblazer, connector, upcoming author, dynamic communicator, high impact teacher, transformational leader, spiritual light, and messenger of hope . This "SELFLOVE,Sisterhood advocate is an awakening force and a wise, clear voice in the sea of personal development for women and girls.

Krystal Smith has a passion for sisterhood and for supporting young girls struggling to find their identity and place in this world.  This is the focus of her organization BAM (Beautiful Ambitious Me).

Krystal Smith is no ordinary woman. She lives, breathes and dreams of being true to her higher self, using this as an inspiration to young women and a source for positive change in their lives. Krystal was born October 14, 1983 to mother

 Shirley Harris and father Laroy Harris in Fort Worth Texas. She attended Eastern Hills High School until 2002, after which she pursued a business degree at Letourneau University and pursued her license through the Ogle Hair/Skin Academy in Hurst, Texas.

Despite all she accomplished thus far, she hungered for more; the feeling of simply “just existing” kept gnawing at her.  In 2008, Krystal experienced an abrupt life change when she was faced with divorce.  After living with an abundance of anger, disappointment, hurt and betrayal, feeling both unloved and a failure, she recognized a need for special support that was not available in her time of need. She knew there must be other women facing these same challenges alone, just as she had experienced.  This emboldened her to form a sisterhood for struggling young women, which she named BAM.

After much success as a public and motivational speaker, fundraiser and mentor to battered women, as well as assisting others with housing and employment issues, Krystal decided to move her passion forward; in 2012, the BAM mentoring program for young girls ages 11-18 was born.

The organization is geared to support, uplift and empower young girls; Krystal’s motto is, “Turning a girl into a lady.”  She engages in numerous speaking and public appearances promoting her cause and vision.  BAM has conducted its second annual prom makeover giveaway where they have provided girls who may not be able to attend their senior prom due to lack of finances with a prom dress, accessories, hair/makeup, shoes and a photo shoot. The BAM college Girl Care package Scholarship, From a girl to a lady enrichment program, just to name a few. She is also very active in the community, having participated in community outreach programs such as the Eastern Hills School Clean up Forth Worth, Cancer Care Services annual fundraiser ball,March of Dimes, Volunteer for SWWLS (women against Domestic violence), feeding the homeless, toy drives etc.